• Why should I file a return with Federal and State?

    It is illegal to not file a return with Federal and the State government. There are ways to minimize the tax liability. Don't worry we will take care of your needs.

  • Recordkeeping

    Keep all receipts for your business related expenses in order for you to be eligible for a deduction. Such information is good to be retained for 7 years in case of Audits.

  • What deductions can an individual/business take for the year?

    Personal Exemptions are the biggest deductions that are take on an individual tax return. The exemption amount is set by IRS and it varies by your filing status (Single , Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Widower, Head of Household) You can get deductions/credits for Education Expenses, Job related expenses, charitable donations, Medical expenses, etc. Please keep receipts for any related expenses and we can maximize your refund. If you own a business, business expenses can be deducted if they are necessary. A normal expense that is required for you to conduct your business is an expense that can be deducted on your return.

  • What is the difference between forms 1040 vs. 1040a vs. 1040EZ?

    Refer to the IRS link for forms and details for eligibility- http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc352.html

  • What investments can help defer taxes?

    401k contributions help you defer some of your taxes. Your employer should provide you opportunities for 401K contribution whether you opt to pick After-Tax, before tax or Roth. Per IRS guidelines, State and Local bonds & Treasury Bonds are usually exempt from federal income taxes.

  • Why do I need to sign NJ Form 8879?

    You are authorizing your CPA to e-file the Federal and State on your behalf. Also, this document is not required by IRS as of 8/20/2014 but it is a record to confirm that you have reviewed your return and attest to its accuracy

  • Will I get a copy of my Federal and State tax return?

    Absolutely, a copy of the Federal and State return is provided electronically for review of accuracy before e-filing the return. An electronic copy can also be provided later in the year if needed. You can contact us using the Contact us page.

  • Different Tax Forms

    For information on different Tax Forms: visit - http://www.irs.gov/Forms-&-Pubs

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